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From local listings and online review sites to social media, there are so many places that customers might be getting their first impression of your business. Being influenced by these impressions may be beneficial, but it can greatly impact their decisions on whether or not to try your services. Do you know what your customers are saying? Are you making a good impression both visually and with providing your customers and reviewers feedback?

Reputation Management Affects Business

With so many businesses to choose from, the way you are presented online could be the difference between a customer choosing your company or heading to the competition. There is a wealth of information about your business out there and you want to make sure that in our ever expanding tech-savvy world you are staying current and consistent in your branding across different platforms.

While you may not have created a profile for yourself that doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist and that customers aren’t giving you reviews. People love recognition and if a customer has taken the time to give you a review, positive or negative (especially if it’s negative!), then responding to those reviews shows that you are actively involved in your work and willing to go the extra mile. You care about your customers, not just your bottom line and managing your online presence helps you show your customers that.

Let Matek Media help track and streamline your online profiles so that you have the information you need without having to do all the legwork.