The goal of any search engine is to deliver the best and most relevant results to its users when they perform a search. Through quality front-end (visible content that a user can see) and back-end (programming code that is not visible to users) search engine optimization (SEO) you are able to send signals that help the search engine understand what your site and business are all about. This means you start to appear higher in the search engines, more potential customers click on your site, and in turn, you are able to generate more business! The search engines deliver better results, customers find the result or business they were looking for and you gain more customers. It’s a win win situation.

Search Engine Optimization Approach

While keywords and PPC (pay-per-click) may immediately come to mind when you think of SEO, the process of search engine optimization actually includes a wide variety of factors and approaches that all work together to deliver the best ranking for you.

There are many things we address when evaluating how well your site is optimized and what areas of weakness need to be addressed. What keywords are you hoping to rank for? Are there other keywords you might not have considered that would result in a greater conversion into actual business? Perhaps you would like to invest in a PPC campaign? We will help you determine your goals and how the answers to these questions will help guide the optimization of your site. We will also look at some other major factors in the SEO algorithm including evaluating site structure, site content, social media, local listings and internal and external linking, just to name a few.

At Matek Media we take a holistic approach by looking at the whole picture when it comes to optimizing your site. We follow only the best “white hat” practices when it comes to the work we do for our clients resulting in better rankings, a stronger reputation and more quality leads.